Celebrate Your Anniversary with Flowers

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Celebrate Your Anniversary with Flowers

Let Flowers Help You Celebrate

Flowers are the perfect way to say, "We made it this far; here's to going even further." Commitments are beautiful and especially so between two people who love each other. There are many ways to express one's gratitude for the other and colorful flowers offer that extra touch that makes a statement for the moment without being too forward. They're just as influential in situations of celebrating first year anniversaries as they are on first dates. If you're wondering how to say "Thank you" or "Here, these are for you," look no further than our delightful selection of hand-arranged flower bouquets. And if needed, here are suggestions on how to present the bouquet on your special day:

  • Include a hand-written card. This is a great opportunity to explain why you chose the bouquet you did. Often times, an endearing gesture like this makes an even bigger impact than the gift itself but the gift is required for the impact to exist so the bouquet and card go hand-in-hand.
  • Prepare dinner atmosphere. Make reservations either at a favorite spot, or illuminated by a kitchen table set for two. Take time to ensure the context is arranged to set the right mood for your special day.
  • Put a flower bouquet on the top sheet of a made bed. And leave a trail of petals from the home entry way into the bedroom. This is a highly romantic but classy gesture and it works! It's also a nice way to conclude the evening. ;-)
  • Mix and match. Go a la carte or try them all at once. The choice is yours.

We put a lot of thought into what goes into our Anniversary Collection and in it you'll find a carnival of colorful bouquets for any occasion when an anniversary is celebrated but each can be applied to any situation. Make the choice yours. To view our Anniversary Collection, click here.

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What Rhymes with Orange?

We came to stay.
It was our day.
The sun was a bright or-ange.
We were on the beach.
Or some say, a wide shore ridge.
I didn't bother to cower.
So I brought her some flowers.

Patrick Greenough

Rose Color                           Symbolism

Love, Romance, Beauty, Courage
White Purity, Memory, Innocence, Cleanliness, Honor
Light Pink Gentleness, Elegance
Dark Pink Gratitude, Joy
Peach Gratitude, Sincerity
Coral Fascination, Desire
Orange Passion, Enthusiasm
Yellow Good Spirits, Well-Being
Lavender Adoration
Green Abundance, Wealth, Growth
Black Grief, Mourning, The End of Something, Rebirth, Renewal
Rose Colors & Meanings

You know what else comes with orange? Our savory Centerpiece III bouquet. This medley of Q4 colors comes with a combination of yellow, red, and orange, which makes for the perfect fall purchase but can be enjoyed any time of year. Add this one to a side table, kitchen table, or make it the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table. The choice is yours and the options are limitless. Treat yourself and your environment with a colorful bundle of showy color that are perfect for any occasion or special day. To order The Centerpiece III, click here.

Rose Colors and Meanings

Roses are powerful flowers. They come in a variety of colors making them the perfect selection for any event or special occasion. Rose colors come with different meanings so be sure to understand them so you can make the right decision for your special day. Here's a chart to help you select the right style for your anniversary:

Red roses are classic staples and surefire fail safes but for those who want to step off the beaten path, grab a batch of white roses. The statement is the same but different. Our white rose bouquet is bundled with wax and dusty miller greeneries to upgrade your delivery with elegance and mark the day with notable significance. To order our White Rose Bouquet, click here.

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Sweet Fragrance and Blissful Pleasure

Now that we have your attention, let's talk about Japanese Sweet Peas. This lovely gift of pastel colors is a flawless way to boost the appearance of any dim space or table top in the home or office. Japanese Sweet Peas are known for their sweet fragrance and culturally speaking, hold the meaning of blissful pleasure, and symbolize good wishes, friendship, kindness and farewell. It's a gesture of good faith that's sure to be the cherry on top of any occasion both casual or special. Make a wish with our bouquet of Japanese Sweet Peas. To order, click here.

Celebrating an Anniversary?

Some say a job well-done or a gift card to a favorite coffee shop, or a simple card will do the trick on anniversary day. But for those who want to go a little further and make a bigger impact, a flower bouquet can usually do the trick. It's timely, sensible, and lovely. What better way to send the Whether it's a wedding or work anniversary, we offer a range of flower bouquets to help you celebrate your special day. But don't limit yourself, any of our bouquets are perfect top offs to any occasion, big or small, casual or formal. No matter the situation, we're sure you'll find something in our Anniversary Collection that will suit the occasion. To view our Anniversary Collection, click here.

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