Let New Flowers Congratulate the New Baby

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Let New Flowers Congratulate the New Baby

Life's milestones should be celebrated. Some are more significant than others but all are important. As humans, giving birth is the most important ability we have. When a new baby is announced, it's a perfect time to express congratulations by giving flowers.

When you have a friend who's expecting, get the info on gender and then take a moment to consider a flower type that will accommodate that characteristic. If it's a girl, go with flowers with soft hues in the pinks, purples, and yellows. If it's a boy, go with blues, greens, or combination bouquets. There's no wrong answer so consider all flowers.

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To help assist you in your flower purchase, here are some options:

  1. Daisies. This might be the most perfect flower to give to someone who just had a baby. Daisies symbolize new beginnings, which is exactly what a new parent experiences with a new child. They've just entered a new phase in their lives. This stem produces a delightful combination of yellow and white. Daisies are a lovely flower bright with presentation appeal and perfect for sending wishes to someone who's experiencing a new beginning.
  2. Roses. This is always a go-to for any occasion but it does make sense why we'd think of buying them for someone whose just had a new baby. One of the many associations with Roses is love. When giving roses, we immediately signal to the other person that we love them, or at least have strong feelings for them, and that's a loving gesture. The sweet colors and fragrance complement any mood and have a way of making us feel better whenever we need a boost. Giving birth requires a lot of the body and while it's designed to do exactly that, sometimes getting roses from a close friend right after can be quite a nice gift. Bred for their timely presentation and classic appeal, the act of giving roses is as old as humanity. Roses come in a variety of colors, each with a unique meaning, but all are excellent choices and would upgrade any bouquet with additional aesthetic appeal.
  3. Orchids. The orchid is a quaint but vibrant little stem with a small tabletop footprint and makes for a subtle gift with powerful presentation value. Grown in a variety of colors, this Minnesota state flower symbolizes charm, beauty, and fertility. Since the act of giving birth is a product of fertility, the orchid is another great flower to give to someone who just had a new baby.
  4. Tulips. This lovely stem symbolizes perfection and love, which makes it ideal for new mothers. It's a smaller bloom and works well in situations where you're congratulating someone on producing a small person. Initially cultivated in Turkey at around 1000AD, the Tulip has become a favorite for their elegant design and presentation. This is an excellent choice for new mothers.
  5. Peonies. Peonies represent good luck, and prosperity. Since you want your new mother friend to prosper in her new phase, peonies are great ways to express that. Peonies are grown into beautiful varieties of pinks and since pink represents nurturing and playfulness, it's an exceptionally choice flower to give to someone who just gave birth. The new mother has just entered a phase of nurturing and the new baby is sure to be playful. Peonies say exactly that without saying anything at all.
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Do Sunflowers Make a Great New Baby Gift?

Absolutely! When our friends give life, it's an opportunity to add life to the situation. One way to do that is with bright yellow sunflowers. Sunflowers represent loyalty and happiness and come with a vibrant presentation. Sunflowers were initially cultivated in America's southwest at around 1000BC and were quickly identified as a hardy food source. The name, Sunflower, comes from the fact that they point in the direction of the sun as they grow, a term known as heliotropism. The sun represents life so sunflowers are excellent choices as gifts for mothers with new born babies.

What Color Flowers should I Get?

While there's no wrong answer here, some colors are better at expressing certain feelings. Consider this chart when you're in the market to get flowers for a new mom.

Color                                       Meaning

Nature, Growth, and Fertility
Red Fire, Passion, and Life
Pink Nurturing, Playful, and Nostalgia
Yellow Happiness, Joy, and New Beginnings
Orange Optimism, Energy, and Emotion
Popular Colors and their Meanings

You don't have to stick to these colors, however. Any flower in any color will be appreciated. This chart is meant to help you think about what kinds of flowers might better express some specific gestures toward a new mother. Colors have a variety of meanings so it's meaningful to consider at least some of them during your selection process.

Make an Even Bigger Impact with these Gifts

Flowers are great on their own but sometimes we want to go a little further and add some flare to the delivery. In situations like this, grab some chocolates or balloons.

  • Chocolate. There's a chance that the mother may have had to withdraw from consuming some types of foods during some portion of her pregnancy. If that's the case, you can satisfy her cravings with chocolate and she'll love you for it. While the quality spectrum is wide for chocolate, we recommend going with something to the right of the spectrum. No, we're not talking about Lamborghini quality but maybe something better than chocolate covered mini donuts. We recommend something like Godiva. The smooth melt of delicious cocoa pressed into the forms of small shapes makes Godiva a real treat for the tastebuds.
  • Balloons. This one is usually a good standalone but is often coupled with flowers to really round-out the one-two punch of expression. If you want to add a little fun into your delivery, add some heart-shaped balloons to that flower bouquet.

Need Help with Your Selection?

Here at Secret Garden Rose offer a wide range of flower styles and flare to assist you in any number of different situations. If you know someone who's expecting or just had a new baby, see our inventory to find the right bouquet. Our experienced staff of professional florists are standing by ready and eager to prepare and ship your order. Contact us today!

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