Thanksgiving is Better with Flowers

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Thanksgiving is Better with Flowers

How to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving Spread

You're probably thinking we're gonna be talking about food. On the contrary, the stuff around the food is also significant: good friends, classy drinks, and beautiful flowers. Dining room arrangements are just as important as who made it onto the invitation list. Give your friends a gift of aesthetic that showcases a sense of calmness and invitation to build memories. Here are some tips on how to be scenic with your Thanksgiving scene:

  • Choose the right table. Use a table of healthy size to ensure you have enough space for food, people, and things. Most stock kitchen tables do the trick but if you can swing it and the options are available, it's wise to utilize any side space as well, tables, bars, and the like.
  • Choose the right accessories. Whether it's cornucopias, candles, or flowers, accessories have a way of augmenting the dining table perfectly so it's important to chose the right ones for your event.
  • Accessorize the table and surrounding areas. Whenever possible, place themed accessories within view of the main dishes. This will fill out any empty space and make the experience feel more full and colorful.
  • Theme the evening. Match the table cloth color with wall color. If you've got stock brick walls, go with a crimson or brown table cloth. If you've got white walls, go with a white table cloth. Color matching or complementing is a great way to make use of space and impress your guests.
  • Work on a budget. You can enjoy pleasant scenes without breaking the bank. Look for closeout sales throughout the year at places that sell home goods. These sales usually happen during the days immediately after the holidays so you can always plan ahead for next season.

When you're ready to grab flowers for your evening, let us know. We carry a wide variety of flowers specifically selected to help make your Thanksgiving a memorable one. To view our Thanksgiving Flowers Collection, click here.

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Augment your Senses with Holiday Tradition

The holiday season is a time for joy, family, and great food. All of which are augmented with timely decor to dazzle the senses; the holidays are just as much enjoyable as they are visual. Flowers are a nice way to add color to the dinner table while at the same time bring us all closer to nature, which is a connection we all desire. Good food and good company are situations that build memories and bring us closer together. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to build these memories and as such, the perfect time to plan your layouts and decorations. Here are some decoration and activity tips to help maximize your evening's appeal:

  • Hang and decorate a tree. Who says you have to wait until December to hang and decorate your Christmas tree? It's common for families to do this as a fun activity after dinner. If your family doesn't yet have a holiday tradition, Thanksgiving is an excellent time to start and this activity is a choice option.
  • Build a gingerbread house. Admittedly, this particular activity requires a startup cost for either buying or creating the houses but it's so much fun! If you can swing it into your budget and schedule, building gingerbread houses is a great way to build memories with your family.
  • Deck the halls with beautiful holiday flowers. The holidays are the perfect time of year to upgrade your living space with the colorful rainbow of flowers. There are countless options and we carry a wide variety of flower bouquets to help you paint your space the right color for the right occasion.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to showoff your taste in lovely flowers and we're here to help you with that. To view our selection of Thanksgving flowers, click here.

Did you know flowers promote positive mental health?

Engagement with flowers reduces the level of stress hormone, cortisol, and makes us feel more relaxed. According to research, bright colors combined with soft greens can boost our mood and calm our senses. The reason for this is flowers help us feel close to nature, which is an instinctual desire. Due to the connection to nature, it's encouraged that we engage with flowers as often as possible. Here are some places to put flowers to help promote mental health:

  • Office: Add a small tabletop stem to your desk. The dimension of your desk should be considered when deciding on ideal size of flower pot but if available, side tables make for excellent backup choices.
  • Garage: While not the best place to store flowers, if yours is spacious and air conditioned, having a stem nearby the workbench is a suitable choice to help enhance the area.
  • Decks and Porches: This is the most common outside area for plants. Plants and flowers in these areas make these spaces feel more natural.
  • Man Cave: Sure, sure, I get it, flowers in a man cave? But it's actually quite nice to see plants around sports stuff. Consider the type of man and his line of work before gifting him with flowers or plants. If he works long hours, they likely won't get the care they need. However, if he works from home, this might be an appropriate gesture. For the owner of the man cave, plants and flowers help make corners and empty spaces feel more warm and inviting.

Flowers make for excellent additions to any context and all can uplift the moods of those in attendance. For those in stressful careers, flowers can help you keep calm so you can perform at your best. While flowers aren't made to get you promoted, they do promote positive mental health and as such should be welcomed always.

Swing into a Healthy Mood this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a nice time of year. It's when we're joined by friends and family to enjoy delicious foods and make memories. It's an opportunity to grow together and get closer. It's also an excellent time to consider options to improve the atmosphere and what better way than with flowers and greens? With our Thanksgiving flower collection, you can do just that. Add a little extra flare to your dinner table this year with a small but flashy bundle of holiday shrubs to boost the mood and get you into the holiday spirit. Life is better in color and our modest selection of holiday greens is display perfection that can help your family feel closer to nature while being closer together. Here are three options from our Thanksgiving Collection that are sure to capture the essence of your family gathering.

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1. Aurelia

Fall colors at your dinner table. This festive collection of fall colors brings the season right to your table. Usher in the holiday with this fine arrangement of Freedom and Orange Spray Roses, Tulips, Spider Mums, and Pincushion Protea with Seeded Eucalyptus greeneries. The vibrant color combination makes this one really stand out while at the same time blend in for the pefect balance of boldness and subtlety. The Aurelia is a bundle of November colors that's sure to fit right in to your evening. The tasteful selection of greens tops this one off and it comes with a simple vase for a quick presentation and small tabletop footprint. Add this one to a table corner or make it the centerpiece of your dining table. No matter where it's displayed, it's sure to make a statement. To order Aurelia, click here.

2. Christmas Bouquet

Need a little Christmas at your table this year? Look no further than this abridged collection of Christmas tree character. This arrangement features Freedom Roses and Pine Branches for a warm holiday presentation but small tabletop footprint. This little batch of reds and greens is the perfect accompaniment to your Thanksgiving feast in that it tells your guests there's more fun in the coming month but without yelling it. When you need a little Christmas tree at your dinner table but don't want help to get it done, this little batch of character will do the trick and with little effort. With our Christmas bouquet, you can enjoy a small does of December 25th without waiting a month and its colors make for an excellent accompaniment to your Thanksgiving feast. It's a perfect addition to any holiday tradition. To order our Christmas Bouquet, click here.

3. Holiday Wreath

No holiday is complete without some pine branches. You know that feeling when you look at your front door and think it could use a little something? Our Holiday Wreath answers that question. It's like when you get a Christmas tree but don't have a stand. The stand makes all the difference. Our Holiday Wreath features all the classic attributes of tradition and without all the kitschy bells and whistles. Give your door some color and personality with some green pine branches, cones, and a red ribbon. If your door could talk, it would say, "Thank you; what took you so long?" The wreath has become a staple tradition in countless homes across the country and yours deserves the same staple. This luscious batch of pine comes with cones peppered about and topped off with a holiday ribbon. It's the perfect way to say, "Welcome to our home; please come in." Need a warm welcome? Look no further. To order our Holiday Wreath, click here.

To view our full selection of Thanksgiving flowers and greens, click here.

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