How to Uplift Spirits with Flowers

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How to Uplift Spirits with Flowers

We all get down sometimes; it's part of life. When times are tough, it's nice to be reminded that we have friends who care about us and want us to be made whole quickly.

It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what to say or even how to express a feeling toward someone who's going through something difficult. For times like those, flowers make for the perfect gesture of wishes for wellness.

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Color                      Meaning

Happiness, Positivity, Intellect, and Optimism
Orange Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Emotion
Red Action, Energy, Love, and Passion
Pink Compassion, Playfulness, and Femininity
Purple Imagination, Royalty, and Spirituality
Blue Trust, Loyalty, and Security
Green Prosperity, Wealth, Growth, and Abundance
Black Power, Sophistication, Authority, and Elegance
White Innocence, Cleanliness, Simplicity, and Perfection

Popular Colors and their Meanings

There are meanings behind all the colors in the spectrum but try not to overthink it; they're more for consideration than they are stone-bound rules. The point is to do something nice for someone via a bouquet of flowers. Let's look at some situations where certain flowers would help show you care.

Considerations when Choosing the Right Flowers

Your friend just went through a bad breakup, you know the kind where both parties were left screaming and slamming doors? Yea, that kind. Worse off, you were around to witness it. Horrible, right? Okay so, you've had a day to let it all sink in and now you want to do something nice for your friend to help lift their spirits. You want something that says, "It's gonna be okay." Here are some things to consider in a situation such as this.

Gender. I know, I know, it's something we can't control, but this information does come in handy when selecting the right flowers. It's a known fact that most women prefer pinks while most men prefer blues. So if your friend is a man, go with a masculine color (Blue, Green, Black, Brown, etc.). If they are a woman, go with a feminine color (Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, etc.). You can even get away with coupling colors together to make a rainbow bouquet. Again, just consider the source and plan accordingly.

Flower/Gift. All flowers have unique meanings. The following are just some examples of flowers and gifts, and meanings and why they'd make great spirit lifters.

  1. Lisianthus are a dainty broad-ranged color flower. The name comes from the Greek word for dissolution and as such essentially means dissolving flowers. Their soft pink hues symbolize compassion, playfulness, and femininity. This combination makes lisianthus an excellent flower to pose as a gift for a sad female friend.
  2. Daisies symbolize new beginnings. This charming little stem is a subtle combination of yellow and white. It's a great choice for someone struggling to overcome heartache. It's a gift that invites feelings of hope for a new start and a look forward. Daisies are great for anyone in a tough spot.
  3. Poms represent hope and optimism, which makes them thoughtful choices as gifts to hurting friends. This flower variety comes in a collection of colors so they make for great bundles or coupled with other flowers.
  4. Ranunculus symbolize charm. This colorful bloom of spritely petals can be uplift any mood, which makes them a thoughtful gift. Orange represents optimism and is a common color in Ranunculus. Charm and optimism are two meanings that can help uplift the mood. With Ranunculus, your statement will send a message that says things are gonna get better.
  5. Sunflowers represent loyalty and happiness for their bright yellow presentation. Sunflowers originated in the Americas in areas now known as Arizona and New Mexico at around 1000BC. Various uses were quickly identified as they were initially cultivated for food sources. They got their name because they point in the direction of the sun as they grow, a term known as heliotropism. This happy summertime flower is an excellent gift for someone when their down because it represents smiles.
  6. Chrysanthemums symbolize happiness and well-being. They are great to use for expressing positive emotions such as happiness, loyalty, cheerfulness, longevity, love, and beauty. Their common pink and purple hues represent playfulness and royalty, which makes them smart gifts for anyone looking to help boost the mood of anyone in distress.
  7. Tulips symbolize perfection and love. Ideal for romantic partners, or family members but can be used beyond and to your discretion, this lovely stem is sure to bring smiles to faces. Tulips originated in Turkey at around 1000AD but soon made their round throughout the world and have become a favorite among florists and enthusiasts alike for their simple yet endearing presentation. The pink hues represent compassion and as such work in many situation where a quick pick-me-up is needed.
  8. Hydrangeas are a more general-purpose flower and represent gratitude and beauty. They're simple charm of varied purple hues represents imagination, which makes them a nice choice for those who want to get creative with how their gift giving initiative. Show gratitude for a sad friend with hydrangeas. Due to its color range, hydrangeas are often arranged with a variety of other flowers. That said, they are great additions to help round out your sympathy statement.
  9. Balloons. Nothing says "Feel better soon" more direct than text printed on a balloon. Balloons represent happiness, freedom, and lightness of sadness, which makes them ideal gifts as stand-alones or as complements to a flower bouquet. They're great as additions to flower bouquet as they give that touch of flare that's sometimes needed to polish off the delivery. They're great when you want to add a little fun into the mix.
  10. Chocolate. Raise your hand if you feel worse off when given a box of fancy chocolates. See, you can't do it. Okay, so not everyone likes chocolate but you get the idea. For many people, chocolate is delicious and high-end chocolate is even better. The smooth morsels dissolve effortlessly as your taste buds throw a party. It's like an instant getaway from sad and no therapy sessions needed. That is, of course, unless you're addicted to chocolate, but I think we can all agree that's an addiction that does more good than harm.

Relationship. The type of flower you give should be influenced by the type of relationship you have with the recipient. Flower selection for a son may different from that given to a girlfriend and this distinction is important to make when buying flowers. While roses might be the ideal option for the significant other, sunflowers might be more appropriate for casual friends and relatives. Consider the relationship type and plan accordingly. There's no sense in sending the wrong message and with a little thought you can avoid any awkwardness.

Occasion. This one can be tricky but it doesn't have to be. Essentially, you want to match the gift to the occasion. For example, if your male friend went through a bad break up, a sunflower is a great way to express that you want them to feel happiness. In contrast, if your friend just lost a family member, something with lisianthus would do the trick since they symbolize compassion. Take some time to consider the situation to help you identify the right flowers to give.

Most of us have active social lives, which means we'll eventually know someone who's gone through something tough and needs a little emotional boost. This is where flowers can really shine. When selecting a flower to give to a sad friend consider its color and associated meaning. Keep in mind, however, that sadness can be overcome often by simply knowing our friends care about us. That said, try not to overthink it. Oftentimes, just the thought of giving flowers is enough to make someone feel better. It's the act over the gift that makes the most impact but if you want to express yourself through the act of giving, flowers are an excellent way to do that.

Let us help you

Sometimes it's hard to find the time to make the right decision on which flowers to buy. If this is you, give us a call. We here at Secret Garden Rose care about your desired expression and our professional staff of florists is standing by and eager to help assist you in producing the right arrangement to meet your specific needs. Contact Us today.

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