Birthdays and Flowers are the Perfect Match

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Birthdays and Flowers are the Perfect Match

Birthday's Aren't Just for Gifts

Flowers are good too. A birthday is a milestone, a celebration. They're times when we reflect on the past year and look forward to the next. It's a time for learning what we've done and what we could've done better. Some good, some not so good, but we live to enjoy another day and that alone deserves celebration. Enjoy today and tomorrow better with a bundle of stems and color. Buy a bouquet for yourself or a special someone to show gratitude. Nothing lasts forever but at least for a short time, flowers can make life stand still just for a small moment and when that time passes, come back to us for more flowers. Our hand-selected variety of birthday flowers comes to you with a celebration of your special day. To view our Birthday Flower Collection, click here.

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Any one of our birthday gifts make excellent options but to further elaborate, here are four hand-selected picks:

1. Purple Goes Beyond Just Easter

About Orchids:

While this bundle consists of a variety of beautiful flowers, the orchid is one of its pivots. In 1925, Minnesota celebrated a variety of orchid known as the showy lady's-slipper by making it the state flower. Depending on interpretation, the orchid can symbolize charm, beautify, and fertility, which makes them excellent gifts for special occasions. Given their wealth of color options, they present a wide selection to accommodate the situation's color theme.

About Tulips:

Tulips have been widely grown in the Netherlands since the 16th century's Ottoman Empire. The empire's successor state, Turkey, adopted the tulip as its national flower. Interesting side note: the Turkish word for "tulip," is lale, which is a popular girl's name. The tulip is a beautiful yet simple flower with Persian origins. Its folding petals resemble that of folds of cloth, a feature commonly associated with turbans, which is headwear popular in the middle east. Tulips were first cultivated at the beginning of the second millennium in what is now northern Iran. Some wore tulips on their turbans, which is how the flower made its way to Europe, and eventually the Netherlands where it is grown and traded abundantly today. The Dutch are responsible for the vast majority of the tulip trade in the current market.

Orchids, Tulips, and More:

Like a cloud hanging over ever so gently as it floats by to accompany the earth's rotation, like a perfect sunset with coastal views, like the scent of a bud as it blossoms into a flower, colors are the paint to life's canvas. Our amethyst bouquet is a carnival of purple hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, white tulips, clematis, eryngium planum, ocean song and lavender spray roses with silver and pittosporum greeneries. It's a delightful mixture of pastel colors and is great for boosting the visual palette of any space, home or office. It's also an excellent birthday gift for its flare and variety. Our Amethyst bouquet reminds us that we're in good company. To order, click here.

2. Brighten the Day with Sunflowers

About Sunflowers:

Adopted in 1903 as the state flower of Kansas, the sunflower is a uniquely wondrous little sprout. The sunflower moves in the direction of the sun as it grows, which is a phenomenon known as heliotropism. The sunflower is a hardy plant that loves the heat and is resilient to heavy winds making it a sturdy presentation of bright yellow leaves. Known to symbolize loyalty and love, the sunflower is a choice gift to express one's commitment to another.

Give the Gift of Sunlight:

You know that memory or thought of running through fields of grass on a bright sunny day? Yea, that's the feeling. Sunflowers have a way of reminding us of memories not yet made but thoughts of situations cherished. In some ways, sunflowers take us to a different place, a place where peace and tranquility are things of norm and sunlight beams with rich exuberance. For yours or other's birthday, give the gift of warm sunshine in a vase (or no vase) with our Sunflower Bouquet. This handsome collection of yellow sunflowers comes complete with tulips, solidagos with lemon leaves and ruscus greeneries. It's a perfect way to say, "Here's to another trip around the sun." To grab our Sunflower Bouquet, click here.

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3. Say Congrats with Magenta Ruffles

About Peonies:

The tale of the peony began with a war between Hercules and Pluto in Greek mythology. Both gods found themselves on opposing sides and Hercules shot Pluto in the shoulder with an arrow. Wounded, Pluto retreats to Mt. Olympus but can't find Asklepios, the god of Medicine, so he asks his student, Paean, to help him. The remedy Paean used to heal Pluto was a flower, the act of which instantly made Asklepios jealous so he kills Paean. When Zeus finds out, he transforms Paean into a beautiful flower called, "Paeonia." Hence the name, Peony.

Another tale brings the peony to the Tang dynasty in ancient China. In the flower gardens of Xiyuan, Empress Wu is enjoying a cup of tea with princess Tai Ping. The queen is sad that early signs of spring are minimal with all but jasmine blossoms still hidden under the snow. In response, Empress Wu composes a poem that inspires words of flower blossoms. The next day, all flowers bloom except the peony. In frustration and anger, Wu banishes the flower to Luoyang where it's welcomed for its beauty but known to grow only by its own timeline and without influence.

The peony is a long lasting perennial that's favored for its lovely color palette, delightful fragrance, and favorable presentation. They're known to be a low maintenance plant, which makes them an agreeable addition to any environment, home or office. Adopted in 1957 as the state flower of Indiana, the peony symbolizes honor, good fortune, and happiness. Some say yellow peonies symbolize wishes of good luck with new beginnings, which makes them perfect gifts for those in situations such as entering college, getting married, or starting a new job. It blossoms in late May and early June in various shades of red, pink, and white in both single and double forms. The peony is an extremely popular choice for gravesite decorations on Memorial Day, as well as bridal bouquets and general wedding accessories.

Magenta Perfection:

The warm magenta color of fresh peonies have a way of drawing us in instantly. The ruffles featured consist of a collection of fresh peonies ready to be enjoyed by anyone at any time, which makes them great for birthdays. Shower yourself or a special someone with a bouquet of pink ruffles. This classic arrangement of stems is sure to please both people and places as it dazzles the eye with timeless beauty. To order a bouquet of fresh peonies, click here.

4. Godiva Chocolate

Founded in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium, Godiva began as a small praline business that eventually moved into chocolate production. Godiva is named after Lady Godiva who's legend is that she rode, unclothed, through the streets of Coventry in an effort to beg her husband, Leofric the Dane, to lower taxes. The act of which would be considered highly risqué and somewhat legendary even by today's standards. Founder, Joseph Draps hoped his chocolate would be as legendary as the Lady herself, and here we are. Godiva is known to exist at the ideal intersection of quality and price. Categorically speaking, it's some of the best of its kind and can be had without a huge investment. Something else that sets Godiva apart from its competitors is its handsome packaging. The gold with gold ribbon is a nice touch that makes a statement without being too loud. Also, its petite size makes storage in a variety of locations quick and easy. If you're in a pinch and need a quick gift idea, look no further than a box of Godiva chocolates. Treat yourself or someone special.

Editor's Choice:

Who doesn't love chocolate? Seriously, ask around. It's going to be difficult to find anyone who doesn't enjoy the smooth texture of cocoa morsels of the highest quality. With chocolate pieces in the shapes of hearts, sea stars, and bricks with lion stamps, you know you're in for something special. You also know you've graduated into the high end. There's something endearing about opening a box of chocolates and finding a piece of individually wrapped chocolate. Even more special is how your special someone will feel when they receive this box of temptation as a birthday gift, which is a perfect reason to buy them. Currently available in 8 and 16pc-packs, Godiva chocolates make for a quick and always favorable gift for any occasion. To order, click here.

Flowers and are great gifts. Not only do they come with immense visual appeal, they make the place look and smell nice. While plants don't last forever, memories can and we can help you create them with any one of our lovely flower bouquets. To view our Birthday Flowers Collection, click here.

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