Improve Healing with the Scent of Flowers

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Improve Healing with the Scent of Flowers

Flower Color Influences Our Wellbeing

Let's face it, getting sick is always a set back. We have to put things off until we're back on our feet and sometimes, that throws everything off. If you know someone who's dealing with a common ailment and could use a little uplift, a bouquet of colorful flowers is a healthy gift, pun intended and more on this in a moment.

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When to Give Flowers to Promote Wellbeing

If you're ever curious about when is the perfect time to give flowers, the answer is always; there's never a wrong time to hand over a beautiful bouquet of stems to someone. Sometimes, that someone is ourselves. We just need to see those stunning petals to enjoy a sense of calmness. In a 2021 research study, viewing yellow and red flowers resulted in a significantly higher sense of relaxation, cheerfulness, and comfort when compared to viewing flowers without color. In short, colorful flowers are good for our health. That's not to say white petals are a bad thing. Quite the contrary, actually. According to color psychology, white represents purity, innocence, cleanliness, and minimalism. When feeling ill, the term, less, is often better since our bodies are already dealing with so much. That said, white flowers also make for excellent gifts to cheer up an ill friend.

Ways to Select Flowers for a Sick Friend

The variety of ways to select flowers are limitless. Here are a few to help you get started.

Favorite Colors. Start with the person's favorite color since that information is so easy to get. Then look for stems that feature that color or something similar.

Soft Tones. Softer pastels are often less intense visually, which can act as a complement in one's periphery without being on the main stage with a megaphone. Flowers like this are sort of a nice, "I'm glad to know they're there" kind of situation.

Small Tabletop Footprints. Sometimes all that's needed is a little company on your bedside table keeping us that much closer to nature.

Best Times to Give Flowers

You don't have to wait until someone is bedridden to give them flowers. Actually, no particular reason should ever be needed to give flowers because they can be given at any time for any reason. But, should someone you know come down with something, expressing your feelings of care towards them is always appreciated. Text messages and phone calls go a certain length but handing over a bouquet of flowers goes the extra mile and shows you actually put some thought into it. There are countless flowers to choose from and no one variety is the wrong one. The choice is yours and life is brighter with flowers either for yourself or someone else and the best time to buy and give them is always right now.

Show That You Care

Flowers are a great way to show that you care and what better time to share this feeling than when someone in your life is sick? Granted, nobody wants someone else's sickness to be an excuse to give flowers but receiving flowers when we're sick can always help us feel better at least for a moment. It's implied that flowers do the trick but sometimes we need a reminder. If you're down on time and need a quick stop for flowers, we can help.

What's the Best Kind of Flower to Give?

The answer to this question is subjective. It's really up to you but I will say this, when someone you know is sick, they might not need circus-level statements. What I mean by this is that it might not be necessary to give them a gnarled batch of 1000 flowers complete with a selection of "Get Well" balloons of quantity in the teens that all together can be seen from space. Again, when we're sick, less is more. Try to envision what you'd like to see/receive if you were in the same shoes as your friend and plan accordingly because in all likelihood, they're probably not all that much dissimilar from you when they're sick. No need to go all out; just be kind and complement the gesture with something modest. It's like when you're trying to concentrate, you don't need someone yelling when a simple whisper is all that's needed. It sends the message without sending anyone into space.

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How Do I Give Flowers to a Sick Friend?

There are countless ways to express your feelings with flowers. A lot of it depends on your mood and style, and the severity of the illness so be sure to consider all things when planning your implementation strategy. Here are some contexts and associated tips:

Tired at Work: If your partner isn't feeling themselves at work, this is a great time to send them flowers. Getting gifts when we're not feeling 100% can often be the boost we need to finish out the day.

Took a Sick Day: In addition to bringing over hot soup, grab a small bouquet. They'll appreciate it.

Bedridden: While this one may be cause for concern depending on the severity of sickness, it would be wise to bring flowers over or have them arranged to be sent over. Bedsides always feel better when flowers are nearby and you are sure to be praised for being the source.

Hospital Visits: Check to see if/when visiting times exist. If you feel comfortable, the in-person visit is always a nice touch. However, depending on the severity of sickness, it might be best to leave them on the chair outside. Consider all aspects of the situation and plan accordingly. If your friend has a broken leg, an in-person visit would be desirable. If they have the plague, it might be best to call in the gift, you know, so you don't get the plague too!

Be Thoughtful

Thoughtfulness is a given when giving flowers. But not all flowers may suit your particular situation so just give it a little thought. Take some time to consider the right bouquet of flowers for your sick friend or partner. There are no perfect answers but none of them are wrong. If you need some options, we can certainly help you. To view our fine selection of flowers, click here.

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