Say Thank You with Flowers

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Sometimes saying it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Sometimes you wanna go a little further to show how much they mean to you. In situations like this, gifts are often added to the words to help us better express our emotions.

She’s on your mind; she’s perfect. If things like this invade your thoughts, consider expressing yourself by giving her flowers. And if you need options, here are some to get you started.

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The Right Flowers to Say Thank You

Flower selection is subjective. The “right” flower bouquet is really up to who’s buying them. There is no wrong answer. However, some flowers are better than others at complimenting your statement.

  1. Roses. In most cultures, roses are most commonly associated with feelings of romance and love. However, in some cultures, roses represent secrecy and confidentiality. During the Roman era as well as the middle ages, people would hang roses in dining rooms and it was acknowledge that anything said in the dining room under the influence of alcohol was to remain private. Roses are England’s national flower and inspired one of its greatest writers, William Shakespeare. In his play, Romeo and Juliet, Juliet says, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The quote essentially meant that they came from different places but it didn’t matter because they loved each other. Roses come in a variety of colors and associated meanings. One of the most popular is the red variety, which symbolizes romance, beauty, and love. For bold statements toward long-time partner, a bouquet of red roses is a grand move. However, for those who prefer a more whimsical approach, try a rose bouquet made up of a variety of colored stems.
  2. Lilies. More than 100 species and varieties and grown in Europe, North America, and Asia, lillies are a long-lasting cut flower that come in shades of red, orange, yellow, white, and pink. These little pale stems represent purity, chastity, and fertility among Christians and some Pagan traditions. The Easter lily is commonly used to decorate churches during the associated holiday. Historically, lilies were use to treat fevers, wounds, and arthritis. The flower was also used in cooking in China, specifically Shanghai. Lilies symbolize purity and abundance. By expressing thanks to your partner, your expressing a degree of devotion as well. By giving the gift of lilies, you’re telling your partner that they mean more to you than words can express.
  3. Chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China in the 15th century BC. This flower was initially enjoyed as an herb that was believe to possess the power of life. These stems were used as a remedy to cure headaches and were often consumed via salads and brewed for drinking. The Chinese city of Chu-Hsien was named after this flower since chrysanthemum is “Chu” in Chinese. During the 8th century AD, the Japan adopted the chrysanthemum as the official seal of the Emperor. It wasn’t until the 17th century AD that the chrysanthemum arrived in the west. In 1753, Swedish botanist, Karl Linnaeus, combined the words chrysos (gold) with anthemom (flower). Linnaeus was the founder of this form of identification syntax in the field of botany. Since this plant arrived in the United States, it’s become popular and a leader in the fall flowers category. Commonly used as corsages for girlfriends during high school proms, they are a favorite in the memory banks of many. Due to its ease of cultivation, reliable bloom schedule, diversity of colors, and overall quality, commercially-speaking, chrysanthemums have the largest production rate in the United States floral category. This hardy stem that comes in a variety of colors makes it a great addition to any bouquet. It symbolizes friendship and well-being, which makes it a smart gift for the casual friend. It’s a pleasant gesture with just the right touch of class without being too forward.
  4. Japanese Sweet Peas. Cultivated mainly in the Kyushu region of Japan, the Japanese Sweet Pea grows on a vine that can achieve 20-25ft in length and is harvested between August and October. This lovely flower comes in a variety of bright colors that create a beautiful presentation. Known for its sweet fragrance, the Japanese Sweet Pea symbolizes blissful pleasure, kindness, good wishes, and farewell. This particular flower will no doubt help make your Thank You go not forgotten. Couple your sweet gesture with sweet fragrance with Japanese Sweet Peas.
  5. Anemone. This lovely, richly colored stem is grown in many parts of Europe, North America, and Japan. It comes in a variety of colors and has about as many meanings depending on flower color and cultural meaning. One of which is relaxation and a reminder to enjoy life’s little moments. Saying Thank You is a small moment we get to stop and appreciate and the anemone is a nice way to make your small moment meaningful and memorable.
  6. Peonies. Super popular for wedding bouquets, the peonies are a staple for celebrations. Peonies represent good luck, prosperity, and bashfulness. Sometimes you don’t need to say anything when you have flowers and if you’re the shy type, let peonies do all the talking. This flower is perfect for those who want to say Thank You when few words are needed beyond those two.
  7. Hydrangeas. Native to Japan, South Asia, and America, the hydrangea symbolizes gratitude, and beauty, which makes it the ideal companion to any gesture that involves a Thank You. Other symbology includes affection and happiness, which means this flower is a nice addition in situations when a calmness is needed. Whether it be defusing an argument or breakup, the hydrangea acts as a great way to express adoration and charm to help patch things up.
  8. Cymbidium. The cymbidium is part of the orchid family and was initially brought over from the Himalayas in the early 1900s, the cymbidium was cross pollinated with other flowers in an effort to produce additional varieties. Fast forward to today and there are over 1000 varieties of cymbidium on the market at any given time. While primarily distribution exists in Asian countries such as Nepal, Vietnam, and Taiwan, several species are native to northern Australia. The cymbidium flower got its name because of how it looks. The word, cymbidium, comes from the Greek word, “kymbos,” which means, “boat.”
  9. Snapdragons. Its name was derived from its presentation. The slender stems mimic the look of throats being squeezed and the head of the flower looks like an open mouth of a dragon. Widely used as a decorative ornamental plant but also known to be a cut perennial. The stock is tubular and the bloom features a mouth that’s pollinated by bees. They boom in early spring and keep up all season but usually don’t last for more than a single season. While short-lived, the snapdragon is a lovely spark of vibrance and would make an excellent complement to any Thank You gesture.
  10. Orchids. Admired for their lovely yet subtle appearance, orchids represent thoughtfulness, fertility, beauty, refinement, charm, and love, which makes them choice additions to any statement. Derived from the word, “orkhis” -a Greek word meaning “testes,” this lovely stem was named in the 4th century, BC by the Greek botanist, Theophrastos because he thought its petals resembled the male form. Its name produced its symbol of virility for the Greeks and some believe consumption came with power aphrodisiac effects. There are many species of orchids with the current count being over 20,000. It’s small tabletop footprint makes care and storage simple for most and is a thoughtful gift to show love for another.

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Choosing the Right Flowers

Life is full of tiny little moments. Some more significant than others but all make life more interesting. Sometimes you wanna give thanks and express yourself with more than just words. In situations like this, flowers come in handy and can be great companions to said expressions. When choosing the right flower, consider the characteristics and personality of the recipient. Chances are there are no right or wrong answers; there’s just your choice, which is the best one. It’s the thought that counts so don’t overthink it.

We Can Help

There are many types of flowers to help you express all manner of emotions and statements and in most situations, any one variety will do. However, if you need a little jog, the flowers showcased above will help get you started. And if you need additional suggestions, give us a call. Our professional staff of expert florists is standing by ready to assist you in your quest to find the right flower for your special Thank You.

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