How to send flowers to new parents

How to send flowers to new parents

There is almost nothing more joyful than the birth of a new baby! When a friend or family member has a new bundle of joy, it is natural to want to celebrate the birth by giving a present. So, what should you buy for the new parents?

While bringing over a fresh meal or dropping off a card is a grand gesture, many new parents (especially during the winter) are worried about too many guests dropping by and exposing their newborn to some sort of virus or sickness. Choosing a present that can be dropped off via delivery service is an excellent starting point when finding a gift.

You also want a present that is low maintenance and that everyone in the family will love. The choices can be minimal when finding a low-maintenance gift that a delivery service can drop off. Especially when living in rural areas. However, no matter where you live (at least in America), you can find a floral delivery service. That is what makes flowers the perfect present for new parents.

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What Type Of Flower Should I Buy?

Now that we have the perfect present in mind, it is time to pick out flowers for the new family. However, looking for the right flowers can be overwhelming when looking at a list of potential bouquets. Let us help you find the right flower by checking out the best flowers to buy new parents. 

Something Symbolic

With a newborn baby comes a new beginning. This is a new beginning for the parents as they embark on the journey of raising and shaping a new life. It is also a new beginning for the baby as it gets to experience life outside of the womb. Try to find a flower that can represent that new beginning.

The flower of new beginnings is the daffodil. Daffodils naturally bloom during the spring as nature is reborn from the winter. As they pop up from the ground, their usual yellow bulbs remind us of the year’s new beginnings. What better way to celebrate the new beginning of a life than sending a new family some bright, beautiful daffodils.

Another symbolic flower for new beginnings is the white carnation. These are often given to someone starting on a new life path. White carnations also have a sweet smell, which can be great for the baby, as we will discuss later.

Birth Month Flowers

Did you know each birth month has its own set of flowers (Well, except for November. It only has one flower)? Also, these flowers have their own meaning behind them. Research to determine which of the two birth month flowers is most fitting for the newborn.

For example, the flowers for July are larkspur and water lily. Larkspur symbolizes the strong bond of love. Water lilies symbolize unity and finding peace and balance. Decide which one is more fitting for the baby and send it to the new family.

The flowers for October are marigolds and cosmos. Marigolds are often bright like the sun. They symbolize power, strength, and light that lives inside of a person. Cosmos flowers represent harmony, beauty, self-reliance, resilience, kindness, and infinity. If you think the baby will be a person of power, send marigolds. However, if you think this baby will be a person of kindness and self-reliance, send cosmos flowers. Check out our complete list below to find the flowers for each birth month.

  • January - Carnation & Snowdrop
  • February - Violet & Primrose
  • March - Daffodil & Jonquil
  • April - Daisy & Sweet Pea
  • May - Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn
  • June - Rose & Honeysuckle
  • July - Larkspur & Water Lily
  • August - Gladiolus & Poppy
  • September - Aster & Morning Glory
  • October - Marigold & Cosmos
  • November - Chrysanthemum
  • December - Narcissus & Holly

Something Simple

Having a new baby causes constant chaos in the life of the parents. They often get less sleep, adjust to not spending as much personal time together, and create new routines in their schedule. Sometimes giving a simple yet elegant flower can create peace in the life of the family.

One great choice would be a bouquet of pink roses. Pink roses are able to stand on their own while reminding the new parents that you are thinking of them. Pink roses may be especially fitting if a new baby girl is at home.

Go Traditional

Many of us have been to a gender reveal. While there are many ways for soon-to-be parents to do a gender reveal (pop a balloon, light a smoke bomb, cut a cake), there is one constant. Blue means it is a boy, and pink means it is a girl. Send colored flowers that match the gender of the child.

For a baby girl, try sending pink zinnias. This native Aztec flower will freshen up any room. While zinnias are simple to grow, there is nothing simple about their look. You can find some zinnias with numerous rows of pink-colored pedals and a beautiful center.

For a baby boy, try sending blue poppy flowers. These flowers represent potential and possibility. By sending these flowers, you wish for a bright future with endless possibilities for the baby boy.

What Else Can I Buy To Go With Flowers?

Many new parents receive gifts after the birth of their child. However, many of these gifts are for the baby. The parents may receive a new onesie or a stuffed animal. While these are great gifts, they are primarily focused on the baby.

Other presents are only focused on the parent. Buying a gift card for the parents to get food is great. However, the baby does not get to enjoy the meal.

Flowers are the perfect gift for both the new baby and the parents. The parents enjoy the flower’s smell and view for many weeks. While the baby may not be able to see the flowers quite yet, they certainly can smell them.

Babies actually develop their sense of smell in the womb. They have a very powerful sense of smell 8 hours after birth. They connect scents to people and places because they can not see them. When sending flowers, you are helping the newborn baby recognize the safety of their home by smelling a bouquet of fresh flowers as they walk in the front door.

At the end of the flower’s life, the parents can cut off a few pedals. Then, they can take these pedals and put them in their child’s baby book. This is truly a present that can be cherished forever.

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How Are Flowers Helpful For The WHOLE Family?

Do not overthink the process. Most new parents would be thrilled that you would send any bouquet to them. It is less about trying to find the perfect bouquet and more about showing them that you are excited about the new child in their life.

If you are really struggling to decide what type of flower to send, think back to different candle scents in their house. If you remember a specific candle flower sent, send them the actual flower to freshen up their house.. You can also go back through old social media posts. Do you see any flowers sitting out on their counter in pictures? Then that would be a great choice to send.

What’s Next?

If you have an additional idea, let us know. At Secret Garden Rose, our florists take great pleasure in walking our clients through the process of finding the perfect present for the new parents. We can help you find one of our premade arrangements or help you customize an arrangement completely unique to you.

At Secret Garden Rose, we have a flower for every occasion. We pride ourselves on farm fresh delivered flowers daily, a modern approach to floral design, and same-day delivery to surrounding areas in New York City. We also have next-day delivery in the Tri-State (NY, NJ, CT) area and Philadelphia. To browse and order our online inventory, click here.

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